How long is a Treasure Chest Party?

For very young children, aged 2 – 3, a party duration of 45 minutes is recommended (it's also necessary for the adults to stick around to encourage and join in with little ones of this age group). For older children you can choose between either 1 or 2 hours of entertainment. Please note that the 2 hour option includes a 20 – 30 minute break half way through for you to serve your party food to the children (food is not supplied by Treasure Chest Parties).

How much does a Treasure Chest Party cost?

The 45 minute option for very young children (aged 2 – 3) costs £80, while the 1 hour option costs £100 and 2 hours costs £180.

How many children can we invite to a Treasure Chest Party?

The maximum is 20.

What is included in the price?

As well as exciting and engaging entertainment for the duration of your party booking, I provide all equipment needed for the activities, prizes for any games that need them and a small, age appropriate gift for each child (for children aged 4 and up these are usually given in a pass the parcel).

Does the party duration include set up and clear away time?

No. Your chosen party duration is for the entertainment itself. I will arrive 15 – 20 minutes before the start time to set up and will clear away once the party has finished.

Where is Treasure Chest Parties available?

I'm based in North Warwickshire. Travel within a 20 mile radius of Tamworth is included in the price but bookings further afield will incur an additional cost.

Do you provide decorations?

No. In my experience, decorations aren’t a necessary part of creating a magical party atmosphere. Treasure Chest Party entertainment is rooted in imaginative play and I find that this is what brings the theme to life, regardless of the venue or setting. However, if you’d like to decorate your venue yourself then that’s great!

Do you have any venue requirements?

All I need is enough space for the fun to take place and a power point to plug in my music system – I bring all other equipment required with me.

Can I combine Treasure Chest Party entertainment with other attractions, such as a bouncy castle?

By all means! Lots of my customers have chosen to add a bouncy castle or free play time on equipment available at their chosen venue to their party. However, in order to make sure that the children get the most out of the entertainment I recommend that you schedule the other play options after your Treasure Chest Party booking. This way, the children are able to fully engage and enjoy all the entertainment activities before getting stuck in to some free play time.

What age group is a Treasure Chest Party suitable for?

Children aged 2 – 8 will love the entertainment provided at a Treasure Chest Party. The activities for each booking are specially chosen to suit the age group of the birthday child and their friends, so you can be sure that they’ll really enjoy every minute.

Can you accommodate special requests?

Within reason, yes! Please contact me if you have any special ideas in mind. In the past I have been happy to accommodate requests ranging from incorporating favourite songs or games, to theme adaptations (for instance, creating an Ancient Egyptian theme or basing a theme on the musical Wicked) to special venue requests (I once arranged a Safari Party trail through Shepreth Zoo!) Of course, some special requests may incur extra costs; once I have the details of your idea I'll be able to give you a quote so that you can decide if you'd like to go ahead with it.

Do grown ups need to be present?

For little ones (aged 2 – 3) I ask that the grown ups do stick around and join in the entertainment, as children this age really need extra guidance and encouragement. In my experience most grown ups don’t mind this – in fact, they usually have as much fun as the kids! For children aged 4 and above it’s good to have a few extra adults in the room but it’s not necessary for every parent/ guardian to stay for the duration. On a side note, in the past I have had trouble raising my voice loud enough for the children to hear at parties where the grown ups have stayed for a chat. Of course, a child’s party is a great opportunity for the adults to have a catch up but please be considerate of the noise level!

Do the children need to dress up?

No. I will arrive in costume, but it's optional for the children. Treasure Chest Party entertainment is rooted in imaginative play so costumes, while fun, aren't absolutely necessary. By the same token, if party goers turn up wearing costumes that don't have much to do with the theme it's not a problem! Children are naturally creative thinkers and, in my experience, quickly become enthralled by the fun of a make believe world, regardless of their surroundings or clothes.